5 Important Applications Must Have For Your SmartPhone

Five Important And Most Useful Application Should Have on Your Phone

1- Google Pay:

Google Pay is the best wallet and It’s a very popular in these days. It gives us scratch coupon rewards for doing recharge and paying many types of bills. other wallets apps do not give you. so It is a very good upi wallet to have.

2- Cam Scanner:

Cam Scanner is more better than any other scanner. It’s a best document and image scanner for android application . It’s a completely free for all and you can free download it from google play store. It gives you a lot of features and you must have this application on your smartphone.

3- Kine Master

If you want to video editing and make unique video then you should have to use this application . kine master is a very popular and useful video editing and making software. It gives you best option for video editing . so you can simply download free from play store and edit your favourite video in few minutes.

4- Brave Browser:

Brave Browser is much more than browser . brave browser is a new way of thinking about how the web works. It’s a very powerful and light browser.

Brave fights malware and prevents tracking keeping your phone all important information safe. It’s brave browser top priority. Main aim of brave browser is to fix the web by giving users a safer, faster and better browsing experience.

If you use brave browser and search or brows any websites It’s gives you rewards. so I think every smartphone users must have Brave Browser application on their smartphone. It comes completely free for all android and IOS users.

5- PayPal:

PayPal is very best option for receive money from websites which gives you payment online . paypal crates better ways to manage and move your money, and offers and choice flexibility when sending payments, paying or getting paid.

consumers and merchants to receive money in more than hundred and more currencies and withdraw funds in their paypal accounts. paypal is a open digital payment platform and it gives you access to financial services crates opportunity .

you can merchant transaction and sending or withdraw your money in any currencies in seconds. so according to my view you should have use PayPal application for digital transaction in new experience.

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