Best 7 Google Chrome Extention. Can’t Live Without.

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Google Chrome does all the things we do. We get more features in Google Chrome. If you do not use Google Chrome, then it means you enjoy internet speed. There are more features with Google Chrome that we can use. You must have heard about the Google Chrome extension, we are talking about the same.“Google Chrome Extention”

Inside the Chrome browser, you get an option from which you can install any external programs. Google Chrome extension. Today we will talk about some 10 such extensions without which they will not be able to live without. “Google Chrome Extention”

1. WayBack Machine

So let’s first talk about the extension here, then it works as a time machine. By the time machine I mean that with the help of that extension you can see the full look of any website.

You get these extensions on the Google extension. You can install it in your Chrome browser. After installing, you get to see its icon in the top right corner.

If you go on any website So you have to click on that right corner icon. When you click on it, you will get an option there that you want to see earlier version or first version. And together you can know about that website when the website was created.

If you look at YouTube, in the first edition you will be surprised to see that YouTube was a dating website.

2. Awesome ScreenShot : Screen Video Recorder.

As you know by name it’s a recorder extension. This is a very good screen recorder extension. If you want to take a screen shot of any webpage, then these extensions are of your work. “Google Chrome Extention”

To take a screenshot of any webpage, you have to click on its icon which you will find in the top right corner. There you will find some options, according to you, select the right one.

And you also get the option of the recorder on it to help you record the screen. You do not have to spend any money. These extensions are totally free for you.

When you use it, you can save its output to your computer. And then after that you want to edit or delete it You get its quality very good so you can do a good screenshot or recording. You will not get to see any watermark.


These extensions are amazing . If you’re fed up with your webpage look from Google’s webpage. These extensions are for you. If you want to convert any website into a different theme then it is absolutely for you. You can change it with your help.

Earlier we used stylish but found out that he would send our information to someone else. Now it’s an alternative. And its privacy policy is also very good. You can install it in your Chrome for the best style. “Google Chrome Extention”

These extensions are used by a lot of people and this is a great fun extension. Within you, you get all the functions you get.

4. JustRead

This Is Very useful for those who is not like to see the advertisement and comments in the web page. This extension will help you to remove the unwanted things like:- comments ,advertisement, links Etc. This extenstion make easy to read.

You can save your time through this extension. You can only utilize your time to read informational things on the webpage. Its very easy to use and its very simple. You can remove all the distraction from webpage in only one click.

You can find important tools like paintbrush and font editor. And you can manage the webpage by using it. You can also use the print option in the top right corner. This option will help you to send quickly your article to print on the printer.

5. Wikiwand

Some times we need to collect useful information from internet. And we always find in Wikipedia but there is one problem that we all have to face. The Problem is unwanted links and pictures. We all are lost in Wikipedia that which information we need basically. And sometimes we confused that to find the information which we looking for.

This Extension Will Help you to find useful information which are we want. This extension give us option to customized the webpage. And now we can easily find the information which we want. This provide us improved reading experience. “Google Chrome Extention”

This is very useful for those who always going to find information from Wikipedia. You need to install this extension for your use. In the top right corner you will find the many option that makes the Wikipedia attractive or comfortable.After installing this extension you don’t need to do anything you will always find that its adjust with your wikipedia and shows you default layout.

6. Tineye Reverse Image Searcher

This extension will help you when you need to search an image that who is using this same image in website. This image searcher will help on that moment. And if have any image that you need a high quality than you can also do the reverse search to find where its available.

Once this extension were install you can rightclick on the image and you canm select the tinyeye reverse search option. And now you can see the result that where its available.

You can also find the original source that where the image exists. And you can find the high resolution image from internet.

7. ColorZilla

This extension is also useful for those who do graphics designing and others colors work. This is color eyedropper that help you when you need to find the colour code of the specific color.

This extension give us a color reading in any point of the browser and you can know about color code. On the top right corner you will find the colorzilla icon and you can use the color picker for examine your color on the web-page.

This is also a little bit important for some people i can’t say everyone. But if you want to know what is color code than you can must use this extension.

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