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Technology is not stable but in this generation technology always been upgraded. We Are here to tell you that which technology is best and you must know about it. The all technology is related to smartphone and if you want to buy we provided all the buy links.

These all technology will help you to prform day to day life works . The technology make your home as a smart home. technology will do all the things that you need to do. Some Technology will help to clean your home, some will help you to On/Off Your lights, Some technology will help you to secure your home from theft.

All the technology will make your work easy. You Will know all the details further. “Best Smart Home Tech Gadgets”

SmartHome Gadgets

1 . Amazon alexa or Google Assistance

I Think you all know about this gadgets because these two gadgets is very popular. If you don’t know than i will tell you that these gadgets are work smartly. You can talk like humans. If you tell to do a work like :- play music, book cab, call to anyone,

This gadgets will do all the works that you want to do. If You connect this gadgets with your home control System Than you can perform lights on/off function with your voice. its has stylish looks and its connect with your amazon account.

This speaker is very good. the sound quality is also the main things that we all consider. surprisingly the sound quality is also good. Echo dot having some poor sound quality. You will always go with amazon alexa for your smart speaker device. Lets Move To 2 “Best Smart Home Tech Gadgets”

2 . Wemo Smart Mini Plug

This is also a great device that help you on/off your lights by voice control system. Its works with amazon alexa and google assistance home. You can use in your home and you don’t need to switch on/off manually its all work automatically.

This Plug is available in 23 dollar in amazon website. if you don’t like to on/off the switch manually than you need to purchase. but you need to purchase amazon echo or google home for your voice control. Lets Move To 3 “Best Smart Home Tech Gadgets”

3. Philips Hue

Philips Hue is best smart lighting device.this is familiar product. This also Compatible with alexa and google home. If you want to listen the music you can connect this with amazon alexa and google home. After playing music you will observe that the light is also play with beat of the music.

You Can control with lightning application in your smartphone. This is also available in amazon you can buy it in 100 dollars. Lets Move To 4 “Best Smart Home Tech Gadgets”

4. Ecobee4

This is also a amazing gadget that gives you a home sensor. Its helps you when you know about when any body come or move. This will indicate you with other gesture. This is very small you can install anywhere you want to install in the home.

This gadget support alexa,google home. you can connect with any of those smartspeaker. Its alslo tell you the room temperature. Its take 15 minutes to install in your home . This is available in in 220 dollar. Lets Move To 5 “Best Smart Home Tech Gadgets”

5. Nest Protector

This gadget is also a great product because its make your home safe. Sometimes we forget to turn off the electric heater or some others product with can be produce fire. This is a smoke detector which detect the smoke in the house.

Its connected with smart speakers and after the detection, its send the information to your Alexa or google home. This is very useful for home. You can install this device in your home in very easy steps.

You don’t need to call the electric expert you can also do this. If your home in danger its blink and play a siren all the around. Lets Move To 6 “Best Smart Home Tech Gadgets”

6. Ring video Doorbell Pro

This is 21 century you need to work smartly in this genration. This gadgets is also very smart. This is a doorbell but its not an ordinary doorbell. It is a smart doorbell. Its give you the footage of the person who press your doorbell. Its also work in the night. its support a night vision camera which actually works.

This is also compatible with alexa or google home. Once the all installation done its tell you the situation of the outside the door. Its also send you a footage When anybody moves, that’s mean its support gesture. The video is in HD 1080P.

This device is available in and the list price is 250 dollars. You Can buy it if you want to gives a safety to your family. “Best Smart Home Tech Gadgets”

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