Fan theory avengers endgame.

Fan theory avengers endgame.

There has been many stories about what will happen in the endgame. Bt very few theories look solid and worth being in a movie. So here are new and surprising fan theories about avengers endgame. These theory is something that entirely matches with the two trailers of avengers endgame and the big game spot. Fan theory avengers endgame.

Fan theory#1

Know about Fan theory avengers endgame.

Everyone knows after the coming of the second trailer of avengers endgame that captain marvel will come after the incident of snap. There is going to be a time gap. So the story is like. First, The avengers will find the pager and will send a message from the pager.


Part 1

The pager will stop at once and then the thing that happened in the post credit scene will happen. Captain marvel will come. After infinity wars everyone knows that an infinity stones can be destroyed by a power that is derived from the infinity stones. We have seen that when wanda destroyed the mind stone. Every one who have seen Captain marvel is known to the fact that Captain marvel has got her power from the engine working by the power of the space stone.

Wanda (Scarlet witch) also got her power by experiments using the mind stones. The experiments were done by hydra. This means that captain marvel can destroy the space Stone. It is an obvious thing that thor and captain marvel will not wait for years. They will try to fight thanos as fast as they can. So the avengers will go to fight against thanos and fight. There will be an intense fight between thanos and the avengers. In the fight captain marvel will break the space stone. As the infinity Gauntlet had got damaged so thanos will not have the power to bring the space stone back. Thor will not miss this time and the avengers will defeat thanos. They will not kill thanos. Part 2 Of Fan theory avengers endgame.

Part 2

They will take the five stones back with them to the earth. Then, after some years ant man will get out of the quantum realm. Then, He will see what happened to the earth when he was not there. Ant man will go to the avengers tower and will tell all the avengers about the quantum realm. He will tell them how they can do the time travelling using the quantum realm. They will tellthe dwarf king to make an infinity gauntlet one more time.

Then they will come back to get the space stone. The evidence of this is that the set images of end game shows the scene of new york battle. They will come back to the new york battle. There thanos will also come to fight them. They will stop thanos till dwarf king make the infinitty gauntlet after that they will take all the stones. Fit them in the infinity gauntlet. Then they will beat thanos. Then they will reverse the snap using the infinity gauntlet.


This fan theory is about the main plot of the endgame. It dosn’t contain that how will iron man come back, What will happen about the tensions that has been beetween hulk and thor.

Fan theory#2

Know the second Fan theory avengers endgame.

This is another fan theory this theory is a bit surprising but this can happen after the coming of the first and second trailer. As this theory is purely matching the things that happened in the first and second trailer. Fan theory avengers endgame.

This is a fan theory and this suggests that no one is going to defeat thanos. In avengers endgame thanos will not fight against the avengers. Thanos will fight with the avengers. There is going to be a other villian more powerful than thanos. Thanos will feel the guilt. We have seen thanos sad in the trailer. He will come with the avengers to reverse all the changes and make the world same as it was before the snap. They will go to nidderville to meet the dwarf king and will request them to make an infinity gauntlet one more time. This is the reason why thanos will seen fighting with the avengers and not face to face against the avengers.

The infinity series also tell us that. In the Infinity series thanos first snapped to make half of the universe fade away. After that nebula got the infinity gauntlet and Thanos fought with the avengers against nebula to get the gauntlet back. The infinity series was a big hit when it came to the book stores and all crazy marvel fans knows that the avengers infinity wars was purely based on the infinity gauntlet series. Many of the scenes in the infinity wars were a cut to cut adaptation of the infinity gauntlet scenes. The next part of the infinity gauntlet series is the infinity series. So if infinity gauntlet inspired infinity war then chances are there that the infinity comic will inspire the end game

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Fan theory avengers endgame

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