Top 10 websites you didn’t know existed

Top 10 Website For You That will Simplify Your Work

1. Photopea

Photopea is an online photo editor. It is a good alternative to Photoshop.The amazing thing about it is that we can import files in form of pdf. It also has popular export option like.png, .jpeg, .svg, etc. Photopea is an html web app so there is no need of plug-ins like flash.

The layout is very clean. Most of the tools you would ever need are located on left side of the screen by default. You can work with layers along the right side of the screen. Photopea is one of best web app I have ever used.

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2. Numbeo

Numbeo is a site where user submits data regarding around cities and locations all over the world. It was launched in April 2009. In this app you can compare the cost of living of any two cities.

You can get here information about restaurant, daily groceries, transportation, utilities, rent etc. It is a lifesaver website for all the persons who are changing cities for living.

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3. Rave

Rave is a video mixing apps that is used to make mashups. Sometimes the mashup is a total piece of garbage which becomes unpleasant to hear but sometimes the mashup becomes really pleasant and great. For making the mashup you just have to choose two songs or more that you want to make a mashup of.

This may take a few minutes but the end results can sometimes be really great. After the mashup gets completed it starts playing. You can pause it anytime and share the link to the mashup that is made.

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4. How secure is my password

It is a site that is used to know the strength of the password. It tells you how long will a computer take to crack your password. You just have to write the password that you want to check the strength of and it will tell you how long the computer take to crack the password. It also gives tips to get a strong password.

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5. Eat this much

Eat this this much is a website where you can make your nutritional goals. you can create your diet according to your need you want to lose weight, maintain or gain muscle. first you have to choose your type of diet paleo, vegetarian, vegan etc.

then you have to choose the no. of calories you want in how many meals. It will give you a complete diet plan and if you don’t want something you can change the food item.

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6. Outrider: bomb blast

Outrider: bomb blast will tell you would would happen if a nuclear bomb will fall off on a certain location what will happen to the place. you just have to give the address you can be more precise by giving the street address or you can just give the city.

It will tell you the fatalities and injuries , impact area, shock wave, radiation. You can change the location, the type of missiles that can be used, the missile strikes on the surface or it is a air burst.

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7. Giphy

Giphy is an excellent source of some of the most popular GIF’s on the internet. In the home page you can see all of the GIF’s that are trending. you can also do a search for the GIF’s that you want.It is home for all the great ,funny GIF’s that will make your time pleasant. GIF’s are pronounced gifs by some person and jifs by others.

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8. Is it normal

If you have embarrassing questions that you can never ask your family or friends. Is it normal is the place to get the answer you need without anybody knowing who you are. To ask the question you have to fill a form that contains category, descriptive tags.

Now ask your question. You can choose the question to be a simple yes/no, multiple choice question poll or a discussion. Add some additional detail to your question then submit your post.

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If you are curious to know how long it would take you to watch an entire TV series, Tiii will do the calculation for you. Tiii will tell you the time required to watch an entire TV series. All you have to do is to enter the name of the show or TV series. Tiii will tell you the time required to watch tv series. It also tells how many seasons are there in that TV series.

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10. Gwiki

Sometimes you need to find some important information from Wikipedia. But you will see that the Wikipedia content is full of with links and you don’t like to copy the content with a stuck link. You can remove those link manually but you will find that the manually consume your time.

This is very useful website for removing those unwanted links from your content.

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