Top 10 Weird Websites. Let’s Explore These websites.

Top 10 Weird Websites

What do you think about the word ‘weird’? It simply means something unnatural or maybe which does make sense in a very different manner or maybe doesn’t make sense at all, and also maybe of no use. Not only our day-to-day life but in the online world there are some things which are very weird. So today you are going to witness some weird websites that are of really no use but some of them really are boredom killer. So let’s just get into it….

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This website takes the first position in our list, actually when you brew on this website you will see the background dark but with white borders you’ll see a box. So what you have to do is just place your pointer anywhere in that box(as the box is saying this thing too) and then you will see it is processing something. Lets Move To 2″Weird Websites”

After some time it will give you a picture having the size of that box but what is unnatural is that it will give you the picture in which someone or something is pointing towards your pointer location. No matter where you place your pointer just your mouse pointer has to be in that box.

This is weird and awesome at the same time, what do you think?


Zooming out things will make them clear many times but how much of extent will it keeps going. This website is the perfect example for it, when you first visit the website it will take some time to processing it because what it goings to do is unbelievable. You will see a picture on your screen but with time it is zooming on and on it will take time as on its final phrase it will comes back to the photo you saw at first and then it is keep repeating. How many clues can you find? Lets Move To 3″Weird Websites”


Do you love rain? The sound of thunderous lightning, well, then this website is for you because when you visit the website it will give you the sound of nice relaxing rain coming from heaven to our life. Enjoy it !!!!!
Lets Move To 4″Weird Websites”


OK, now this is a weird website that we can talk about, it is about a puppy licking the screen of your electrical device. Actually, this website shows a cute puppy who is licking a glass window. If you like puppies then visit to this website and just sees it what it is doing. Lets Move To 5“Weird Websites”


How much you can tolerate something? If you have the chance to point yourself from 1 to 10 in terms of patience what point will you give to yourself? Think and if it is more than 9 then only visit to this website. In simple words saying, it will give you the infinite loading sign in front of you, or who knows if it is up to something. Have the courage to do so then see if you can defeat it!! Lets Move To 6“Weird Websites”


This website is weird because it just blew our mind, well if you asked this to a student who is an archaeologist or a science one, then maybe he is surprised so badly. Because in this website it will show you from the size of observable universe to Planck length and all the organisms height between them. What you have to do is just go to this website select the language of your choice and it will give you the size of things and organisms in a between part of that scroll.

Basically you have a scroll bar through which you can zoom in the smallest things in the world by dragging it to left and if drag to right it will show you the biggest known things in not in this world, but in this whole universe. Because of course our universe is the biggest thing that we’d known.
Lets Move To 7″Weird Websites”


What do you think about pop bubble wrap? Do you like them? If the answer is yes then check out this website, In this website you can see a wooden cardboard which having 99 plastic bubbles which you can pop. Every time you pop them it will give you a popping sound too you can play it the more you want to but what must do if I pop all the bubbles, no worry just click on reset sheet. It will give you the new bunch of 99 plastic bubbles and what keeps repeating until you satisfy. Lets Move To 8″Weird Websites”


Wants to know about flights all over the world can you find any place where you can see all the flights currently going on or about to go? Well we have the answer and it is this weird website but it is very You can filter it too can change the speed of planes also. You can change the map to satellite, classic, terrain, roadmap an some more. In saying simple words it is a live flight tracker. Now you can think how much useful it is. Lets Move To 9 “Weird Websites”


Just think about the worst situation happened your life your till present day or maybe something or someone you lost and then you thought “no, why that happened to me.” Or maybe it is the time when someone you’re in love with rejects you or maybe breakups with you and you said “noooooooooooooooo, why”.

Well if we think about it than simply that what this website do is that there is a blue button and if you click on it then you will hear a person who is saying ‘nooooooooooooo’ and will stops at after some time. That’s all this website do, isn’t it weird? Lets Move To 10“Weird Websites”


What are you thinking by hearing the name of this site, well what you think is correct. Yes, it is true this hilarious website literally all about some cats just bouncing on the screen and also there is a message on the top right saying “Make it Rain” and if you click on it then, you know what happened! It will give you the rain of cats, it is weird, isn’t it. Now The Sites Are ended “Weird Websites”

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