Top 5 fighter jets (2019)

In This article we will Know about Top 5 fighter jets (2019) .For every military the air force becomes a big part of there strength and power. The air force have command in the air but they also play a role on ground if required. The fighter jets are the most versatile weapons that the air force have. The better the fighter jets, The better is the air force. So here we have got you a list of top 5 fighter jets at present. We will do it in decreasing order i.e(5 to 1). Top 5 fighter jets (2019)

5. Mig-31

Top 5 fighter jets (2019)

Top 5 fighter jets (2019),Mig-31

The Mig-31 was built in 1970’s as part of an overall program by the soviet air defense systems to meet the threat post by the NATO air forces and cruise missiles. This jet is a high speed. It fly on a very high altitude and have a significantly great Rate of climb. “Top 5 fighter jets”

It has a lesser maneuver ability.The Mig-31 is one of the fastest production jets. It has a maximum speed of around 3 mach. The aircraft is used as an interceptor aircraft and attack aircraft. The countries having them are Russia and Kazakhistan. Top 5 fighter jets (2019)


  • R-33 air to air missiles (long range missiles that can fire upto 280 km)
  • R-37 (long range missiles that can fire upto 300 km)
  • GSh-6-23 (23mm cannon that can fire 260 rounds without reloading )
  • Kh-31 (long range missiles with high speed targets)
  • R-33S (upgradation of R-33)
  • R-40TD1 (medium range missiles)
  • R-60
  • R-73 (Shorrt range IR missiles)
  • R-77 (Medium range missiles for high speed targets)

4. F-16

Top 4 fighter jets (2019)

Top 5 fighter jets (2019),F-16

The F-16 were first made in the year 1976. General dynamics made the aircraft. These were made as a replacement to the F-15. F-15 act as a attack superiority fighter but F-16 work as multi role fighters. They are highly maneuverable. They are small in size. Top 5 fighter jets (2019)

The F-16 can maneuver very easily and can reach a maximum speed of over 2 mach. It is used as mlti role fighter and air superiority fighter. There are 26 different users of F-16 including USA.


  • AIM-9 Sidewinder ( heat seeking short range air to air missiles)
  • AIM-7 Sparrow (Radar guided medium range air to air missiles)
  • AIM-120 AAMRAM
  • M61A1 Vulcan cannon (20mm)

3. Su-35

Top 3 fighter jets (2019)

Top 5 fighter jets (2019),Su-35

Su-35 was made in 1980’s. Then it was known as Su-27M. The Su-35 is very fast. It has high maneuver ability. Su-35 also has long range and high altitude capability. This fighter can carry enormous amount of weapons. It is considered a 4++ generation fighter. “Top 5 fighter jets”

Su-35 can super cruise for a long time. It can reach supersonic speed without the use of afterburners. The maximum speed of Su-35 is mach 2.25. Su-35 is a multi role air superiority fighter. Russia and China use the fighters


  • GSh-30-1 autocannon (30mm and can fire 150 rounds without reloading)
  • S-25 (Rocket)
  • R-27RE/TE(Air to air missile)
  • R-40 (Air to air missile)
  • R-60 (Air to air missile)
  • R-73E (Air to air missile)
  • R-77M/P/T (Air to air missile)
  • R-74 (Air to air missile)
  • Kh-25ML (Air to surface missile)
  • Kh-29L/TE (Air to surface missile)
  • 3M-14AE (Air to surface missile)
  • 3M-54AE1 (Anti ship missile)
  • Kh-31A/AD (Anti ship missile)
  • Kh-35U (Anti ship missile)
  • Kh-59MK (Anti ship missile)
  • Yakhont (Anti ship missile)
  • Kh-25MP (Anti radiation missiles)
  • Kh-31P/PD (Anti radiation missiles)
  • Kh-58UShE (Anti radiation missiles)
  • KAB-500KR (TV guided bomb)
  • KAB-1500KR (TV guided bomb)
  • KAB-500L (Laser guided bomb)
  • KAB-1500L (Laser guided bomb)
  • KAB-500OD
  • KAB-500S-E (Sattelite guided bomb)
  • GBU-500 (laser guided bomb)
  • GBU-500T (TV guided bomb)
  • GBU-1500 (Laser guided bomb)
  • GBU-1500T (TV guided bomb)

2. F-35

Top 5 fighter jets (2019)

The F-35 took his first flight on 15 december 2006. It is intended to replace old war planes like the A-10 Warhawk. F-35 has stealth technology which makes it harder to detect. The fighter similar to F-22 but has smaller size and single engine. It’s maximum speed is mach 1.6+. “Top 5 fighter jets”

F-35 is a multi role fighter. Many countries use it including USA and Australia. It has 3 versions F-35A, F-35B, F-35C. It is often known as F-35 Lightning II.


  • GAU-22/A (A cannon that can make around 220 rounds)
  • AIM-120 AAMRAM (Air to air missile)
  • JASSM (Cruise missile)
  • AIM-9X Sidewinder
  • AIM-132 ASMRAM (Short ranged air to air missile)
  • JDAM
  • JSOW
  • Brimstone (anti tank missiles)
  • GBU-39 (Small diameter bomb)
  • GBU-53/B (Small diameter bomb)

1. F-22 RAPTOR

Top 5 fighter jets (2019)

The F-22 entered in the us air force in December 2005. It is almost invisible to the radars. The aircraft contains powerful weaponry that make it threat to any country. It can easily super cruise over long ranges. F-22 is an highly maneuverable aircraft. “Top 5 fighter jets”

The aircraft has a maximum speed of mach 2.25. It is an air superiority stealth fighter. F-22 is an 5 generation aircraft. The only country that has the F-22 Raptor is the USA. The USA has not given the export rights of this fighter plane to any other country or the NATO


  • M61A2 Vulcan (rotary cannon with 480 rounds)
  • AIM-120 AAMRAM
  • AIM-9X Sidewinder
  • JDAM
  • GBU-39 (Small diameter bomb)

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