Top 5 Programming Languages for Job in 2019.

1. Python

Open Source Programming Language In the year 2019 PYTHON Programming (A open source programming language) will be in high demand. It is one of the very expensive programming. The reason behind being so expensive is that it is the most used.

The reason behind sudden popularity of Python is the Machine Learning Developers uses PYTHON for deep learning, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence. Python Programming is used or preferred in robotic field.

Its very easy to learn yes you read it right, if you are beginner its very easy to learn. Its syntax are very simple. The coding is very simplified & flexible. There are frameworks to make it easy like django or Bottle. Big names like Google, Spotify, PIXAR & Twitter all theses companies use PYTHON Programming Language to create back end sever site. This is the one of the big reason PYTHON Programming is high in demand.

If we talk about India a PYTHON Developer with 4-5 years of experience gets a salary between 5-9 (lacs), someone with 6-8 years of experience can expect a salary between 10-16 (lacs) & with 8+ years of experience one can expect a salary of more than 16+ (lacs). The reason of such high salaries is very less PYTHON Developer in India.


Object Oriented Programming Language. Next Programming Language which will be high in demand in 2019 will be JAVA Programming. All most 28 million Java Developers are working so far, one the oldest programming language & object oriented. If one is planning to become a BigData programmer, Apache Hadoop is an open source platform built on two technologies Linux operating system & Java programming. So, if one knows JAVA one can plan his/her career in BigData programming field as well.

One of the reason why Java is good because its a flexible language. JAVA is used in desktop applications, web applications and back end developing. JAVA was very popular because of android application developments use to happen in JAVA. The best part is JAVA runs on almost all operating systems like -Mac, Windows, IOS or Android. To simplify JAVA, frameworks like Spring, Java Server Faces (JSF), Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is getting very popular & people is using these frameworks. Big & popular names like Facebook, Amazon, Twitter or Google are using JAVA and this is one of one of the reason JAVA is high in demand. When it comes to salary in India a JAVA developer with 4-5 years of experience get around 4-6 (lacs), 6-8 years experience 7-9 (lacs) & with 9-10 years of experience 10-12 (lacs).


Object Oriented Programming Language .RUBY has a very popular framework known as RUBY on RAILS which runs on a Model View Controller based like Angular JS or Django. The popularity of RUBY on RAILS has suddenly increase so much that likes of Laravel a PHP frame work or Express a Java script frame work is left behind, many companies are working on development of RUBY on RAILS.

If terms of content management RUBY is highly efficient & customization is also very easy, it works on a model view controller frame work & the architectural pattern will be easy for development of any UI which is the reason why lot of people is using RUBY on RAILS. Big companies like Airbnb, SOUNDCLOUD, Shopify, KICKSTARTER has been developed on RUBY. It will not be wrong to say it is one of the highest paid job. In India
with 4-5 years of experience a RUBY developer is getting a salary of
5-9 (lacs) experience get around , 6-8 years experience 10-16 (lacs) & with 8+ years of experience 16+ (lacs).

4. Javascript

ObjectOriented Programming Language .If you are developer and have no knowledge of Javascript then it could be tough task for you to get a job. Javascript is very popular, 80% of developers uses Javascript & currently 95% of websites run on Javascript & mostly Web Browsers also run on Javascript. The frameworks which become very popular like ANGULARJS, Node js or Ract js frame works got popular & demand also increased. If talk about companies who work on Javascript programming language there are many like WordPress, Microsoft, Linkedin or Amazon. Salaries in India a Javascript developer with 3-4 years of experience 6-7 (lacs), 5-8 years experience 8-10 (lacs) & with 8+ years of experience 10+ (lacs).

5. C++    

ObjectOriented Programming Language. Used for application development no matter if belongs to any platform or any device. If talked about Game Development or Client Sever Application or developing a Firmware this is where C++ is used. This is a bit difficult to learn but if one is having understanding about JAVA then he/she can learn C++ without much difficulty. Companies like Bing, Microsoft, NASA or Yahoo uses C++ for there websites.
C++ developer in India with 2-5 years of experience can expect a salary of 5-9 (lacs), 6-9 years experience 10-15 (lacs) & with 9+ years of experience 15+ (lacs).

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