Top 6 Best Hidden Features Of SmartPhones That Users Rarely Know About


Best Hidden Features Of Smartphones IOS Or Android

Friends, Today I would like to tell you about the best fascinating hidden features of Android and IOS smartphones. It’s very useful tricks and incredible things of android and IOS device. Because there are few people know about this. “Hidden Features Of SmartPhones

1- Hide Number in ALL Outgoing Calls Of Your Phone

If you want to hide all outgoing calls of your phone to Use this code

#31#Your Mobile Number, Simply enter this code. “Hidden Features Of Smart Phones

2- Easily Download Any Type File Without Any Interuption

If you want to download any type of file on your android or ios smartphones, firstly you have to start download a file . in case there is showing file stopped then you have to retry connection and go to property of file just copy link of file and open new tab put this link after delete previous download link . and don’t use download manger and you can paste new link in previous downloading link . so you easily download your all type files quickly interrupted.

3- Taking Screenshots Without Use Any key Or Button

You can take easily screenshots and save your time. most of people don’t know that but you use this trick in very easy way . if you want to do this just swipe your three finger or palm alongwith the screen to do that on your smartphone .Hidden Features Of SmartPhones

If this feature is disabled in your phone . to enable this feature you should go to your phone setting>my device >motion and gestures option and enable swipe or palm motion option and use this.

4- Locate Your Device , Lock And Delete Data By Remote Control

If you have lost your smartphone and you want to lacate this and keep safe your personal data with avoid to misuse. then you should not worry about this . you can easily locate your phone block and delete your personal date in seconds. for do this just follow few steps. “Hidden Features Of SmartPhones

just you have to go setting>Security >device manager administrators, then check next to android device manager , and remotely locate your device and should be allow remote lock and erase all data . you can also block your device. in case you have to unable to do this then you need to go login with your gmail id then click device manager now you can locate your device , block and erase all data.
Hidden Features Of SmartPhones

5 – How To Listen Your Last All calls Of Voice Recording

If you want to listen last all calls of voice recording of your phone quickly without search particular contacts or call logs. you can do this by use this code. *#*#8351#*#*.This Is Also Amazing Hidden Features “Hidden Features Of SmartPhones

6- Enable Guest Mode And Disappear Original Space

After turn On Guest Mode feature you will be uses duplicate space of your phone and you will see original space and icon of your phone disappear and now you will be able to choose which action the person handle your phone will be allowed by according your access. “Hidden Features Of SmartPhones

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