Top 9 Netflix show of 2019 that you should watch

Are you a Netflix user or not? If yes that is a great thing but if you haven’t you should try Netflix as Netflix is one of the most used online streaming portal. For your convenience we have brought a list of top 9 Netflix show of 2019 that you should watch. “Top Netflix Shows”

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1.Stranger things: Season 3

Netflix users knows how awesome the first two season of stranger things has been. This has made the expectations high from season 3. This season is going will released on July 4 this year. The teaser is out on the internet. So you can check out the teaser. Teaser hasn’t showed the type of things that happens in stranger things. This season of stranger things will consist of 8 episodes. This season is shorter than the other two seasons. It’s plot is based on mid 1980’s “Top Netflix Shows” .

2.Carmen sandiago

Carmen sandiago is an incredible animated series of 1980’s. Netflix is doing a phenomenal job to give this 80’s show a reboot. A classic is the only thing that we can say about this animated series. A game was made on this show. It is a show with some education and is considered to be for kids.

The show is really funny to watch out for adults. The animated show premiered on January 18 and Gina Rodriguez from Jane the virgin is doing the voice of Carmen.“Top Netflix Shows”

3. The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance

It is a prequel to the movie “The Dark Crystal”. The Dark Crystal was a movie. 1992 was the year of release of the dark crystal. In the movie there was another planet other than earth whose crystal broke. In order to bring peace to the world, They must go on a quest to find the missing shard of the crystal. The best part is that the production has used puppets instead of CGI.
“Top Netflix Shows” “Top Netflix Shows”

So the characters looks like the characters that were in the movie. the show consists of ten episodes.The film was pretty awesome. If you haven’t watched it. I would highly recommend to watch the film before the show.

4. October Faction

This year Netflix will bring some of our favorite comic books to life. One of them is October faction. It will be a ten episode series. It follows the life of two monster hunters Fred and Deloris Allen.
“Top Netflix Shows” “Top Netflix Shows”

They live in there hometown where they have to hide there identities as members of a secret organization. They discover that their hometown isn’t as safe as it used to be. This show is a heaven for the people who like monster killing and secret societies.

5. The Central Park Five

The Central Park Five is a true crime documentary. This documentary is about five criminals of USA. They were black in color. They were charged for rape of a women. But the truth was that they didn’t committed the crime. “Top Netflix Shows”

They were not the real criminals. What happened, Why they got accused and how the truth got unfolded. This series is a four episode series. They all were teenagers. fourteen and fifteen would have been the age of them.

6. Orange is the new black: season 7

The hit Netflix show is back with its seventh season. Orange is the new black is a series that has been for around seven years now. This series has been a hit on Netflix. This time the expectations is higher than any other season as Netflix has confirmed that this will be the last season of this hit Netflix series.

Chances are there that all the cast of all the seasons will come back for the last season. The scheduled release of the series is in July. There can be delay as the season six. “Top Netflix Shows”

7. Russian Doll

Russian doll is a television series. It premiered on Netflix on 1st February 2019. It’s story is about a young woman named Nadia can’t seem to escape a party one night in New York City. It’s kind of giving me groundhog day or Happy Death Day.

Natasha Lyonne who played nicky on orange is the new black is starring in this series. Natasha Lyonne, Amy Poehler and Leslye Headland has written the story. This series is going to be funny. “Top Netflix Shows”

8. 13 Reasons Why Season 3

13 reasons why became very popular when it was released in market in 2017. Their viewers are very excited for the new season every time. There is no conformation about the official release date.

May 2019 can be the release date this season. Season two is ended on huge cliff hanger with clay holding the gun as police siren are quickly approaching. We will finally see what happened at that time.
“Top Netflix Shows” “Top Netflix Shows”

9.Our Planet

Our planet will be 8 part documentary. David Attenbourgh is narrating the series. It took over four years to film the documentary. The shooting took place in 50 different countries. April 5th 2019 is the official release date of Our Planet. It is a documentary on nature and a god place for nature documentary seekers. “Top Netflix Shows”

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