Useful technology you didn’t know existed

The world has been changing really very fast. Technology is the factor that has been evident reason of the world growing so fast. Some technologies become a hit and some become a flop and get rid of everyone’s mind. Sometimes there are technology that are very good and useful but we don’t use them or know about them. Lets talk about them now in this article.

1. Gravity Light

Gravity light

Gravity light is a very useful technology. It is a lamp that runs on solar power. Deciwatt made this product. Major users of gravity light are the developing countries. Kerosene lamps were replaced by Gravity light when electricity is not available. It has a bag of rock attached to the light. The bag goes down and this action creates light that can be there for twenty minutes easily.

This invention was in the list of 25 best innovations of 2013. Time magazine created that list. Gravity light consists of two parts. First is the lamp and second is the bag filled with rock. Ten kg is the maximum weight that the bag can sustain. Bag is first kept at the height of the lamp. The bag and the lamp are connected with straps. Bag slowly goes down due to its weight. This cases a motor to move. An electric generator is attached to the motor. The generator gives power to the light til the bag go on the Last position.

2. LifeStraw


LifeStraw is a very useful inventions in the time of disaster. It is a water filter. It filters water to get rid of harmful microorganisms. LifeStraw is only for single persons use. This invention at maximum can purify forty thousand litres of water. That much water can fulfill the need of one person for two to three years. A Swiss engineer developed the LifeStraw. It was actually made for disaster victims. So that they can drink pure water anywhere they water. No matter it is clean or not. Now this product is also used for commercial purpose. It is a must in survival kits. It is also distributed to places where disaster comes or drought happens.

3. Biolite camp stove

Biolite camp stove

Biolite is a startup. In 2012 biolite created a camp stove. This stove uses biodegradable waste like pinecones bushes to put fire. This reduces the consumption of charcoal or petroleum. For this reason, campers use this instead of standard stoves. It is light as required for a camp trip. The stove can come in a camping bag easily. It is powerful also. This stove can boil water in just fine minutes. It can also be used as a battery charger. Due to its qualities it is also used as a emergency tool. When Hurricane sandy ravaged USA. New yorkers putted a table Where they served hot coffee. They also gave them chances to charge there phone. It was capable only because of BioLite camp stove.

4. Graphene


Graphene is an allotrope of carbon. It is not like any other allotrope of carbon. Graphene has some very interesting properties. These are unusual as it is a allotrope of carbon. It is semi metal. Graphene is a good conductor of heat and electricity. It is known to be the hardest of all the material ever tested. Graphene’s transparency is very high. Graphite, A material used to make many things is considered to be a small part of graphene. The two scientists who researched about graphene has got Nobel prize in physics. They got the prize in year 2010. The name of the scientists was Andre Geim and Konstatin novoselov.

5. Vantablack


Vantablack is the blackest material ever known. It absorbs upto 99.96% light. Surrey Nano System developed Vantablack in UK. Many proffesional artists and painters use Vantablack as black spray paint. It is the blackest thing on earth at present. The color of Vantablack is said to be perfect black.

6.Active Denial System(ADS)

Active denial system

US military developed the active denial system. The US military Use active denial systam as a weapon. Heat rays is an other name that is given to the active denial system. They heat up the surface where they fell. It can cause serious burns to humans. Active denial system is a non lethal weapon. It can be used for crowd cotrol. Human body cannot withstand the heat of heat rays.

ADS was commissioned in Afghanistan in 2010. It was not used there. Raytheon company is working hard to reduce it effects. At present, It is used on top of a vehicle. Police ans US marines are working hard to make a smaller version of ADS. So that they can be taken from one place to the other very easily. Raytheon developed the active denial system. Some more countries are trying to make thier own active denial system. These countries include Russia and China.

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